Product Management in the Open - App Idea
An idea for the app that is part of the 'Product Management in the Open' series.
15 October 2018
Product Management in the Open - Lean Startup and Inspiration
This is the first article in the series about working on a mobile application - Best in Town / Best in Edinburgh - and applying the Lean Startup methodology and other good product management techniques.
14 October 2018
Split User Stories Ruthlessly - And Get Value Earlier
Why do you need to split user stories? Often, you hear that it is important to split user stories. You read articles that say it should be possible to complete a user story within a single sprint, ideally within a few days. That’s entirely accurate. But the main benefit of splitting user stories is that you will deliver value faster!
1 January 2017
Writing a JavaScript Public Library? Validate Your Arguments
How many times have seen an obscure JavaScript error when using one 3rd party library or another? More likely than not, you’ve come across a message like: TypeError: Cannot call method 'someMethod' of undefined Your browser or the Node.js interpreter will tell you in which file and on which line that error has occurred. Then, you’ll start a very mundane task of examining the code of a 3rd party library, if it’s has not been minimised, of course. Eventually, you will find out that you have forgotten to provide one of the arguments required by a function. You may even see a more obscure error.
31 March 2015
Practical Functional Programming in JavaScript
JavaScript is a multi-paradigm language with rich functional programming capabilities. Functional programming does not have to be difficult or hugely theoretical. Quite the opposite – it can help you to solve the most common programming challenges in a more concise and elegant fashion. In this video I focus on working with arrays in JavaScript. Normally, when dealing with arrays a developer would write a `for` loop and mutate a variable or two. However, JavaScript already comes with functions, such as, `every()`, `filter()`, `map()`, `reduce()`, etc. that help you to write better code for array operations.
16 November 2014
Joy and Benefits of Codefest
On the benefits of a hackathon
23 September 2014
Information Sharing in Software Development
Where IT organisations have heterogeneous technical environments, it is not always possible to know what your colleagues are working on and which challenges they are facing. This blog post will discuss various ways to share information in an IT organisation.
23 September 2014
A Code Review Is More Useful Than You Think
On the benefits of the code review
8 June 2014
My Agile Journey
There can be debates whether the Agile Software Development processes have become mainstream or not, but most of the software development houses are trying to adopt the Agile practices. Yet, coming from academia or, say, a less agile environment, such practices can be misunderstood.In this post, I am going to tell how I have become an avid agile practitioner and what has helped in that glorious journey.
20 January 2013
Handling the Double-Click Event with the Visio API
I have already covered the Visio event model in one of the previous posts. Unfortunately, not every event can be handled in that easy way. For instance, the double-click event requires a totally different approach. In order to handle the `double-click` on a shape you have to use `ShapeSheet`
22 November 2011

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