Windows Live Writer Simplifies Your Blogging

Finally, I have installed Windows Live Writer and got amazed by its features. It does really simplify your blogging and save your time. With Live Writer you don't have to write a post in Word and then paste it to your blog, sometimes you even have to paste it to a another editor in order to get rid of Word text formatting. Now you don't have to do that.

Windows Live Writer supports many blogging platform, from Live Spaces to BlogEngine.NET and WordPress

Windows Live Writer has a built-in spell checker, so you don't need Word to check your spelling, it has nice formatting features, it supports different plug-in, so you can get a syntax highlighter, which is not available by default unfortunately.

You can preview your posts, post preview is integrated into your blog design that looks awesome.

The only thing I didn't like is that it's not very obvious how to add new tags, because when your click the "TAG" button it only lists the existing tags, you can add new ones in the "Keywords field in the properties section.

Mike Borozdin (Twitter)
27 July 2008

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