Useful Live Writer Plug-Ins for Developers

Although Windows Live Writer is a great tool that simplifies the life of every blogger it doesn't has all the needed features by default. Hopefully there are many plug-ins that can be found in the gallery. If you write about programming that you must be particularly interested in the plug-ins that allows you to paste formatted code snipped, links to MSDN and some other things. I decided to make a categorized list of such plug-ins. Code:

Console output: This plug-in allows you to paste a formatted text from the console output, either from Windows PowerShell or from cmd.


  • MSDN Locator - this plug-in allows you to simply paste a link to a MSDN article by specifying a class or a method name
  • XFN Link Editor - this plug-in allows you specify the XFN attributes of links

There must be some other very useful plug-in, so feel free to share some links :-).

Mike Borozdin (Twitter)
4 August 2008

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