Learning Entity Framework

I suppose you have already heard about the Entity Framework, but probably didn’t have a chance to try it in action. So, you want to learn it. Of course, you can start with MSDN that is indeed is the number one resource .NET developers, you can also find a dozen of tutorials on the Net, but you know it’s always pleasant to have a paper book or perhaps its electronic versions that you can read everywhere, not only in front of your computer. So, I can recommend you a book that will help you start working with the Entity Framework straight away. The book has a simple title of “Entity Framework Tutorial” that suggests that it focuses strictly on practical appliance of the Entity Framework and contains many samples. That is true. You’ll find a lot of useful samples in this book. In fact, you should really treat the book as a big tutorial that you usually find in the Internet, but this time it’s big enough to cover the most aspects of the Entity Framework and be published as a book. It is written by Joydip Kanjilal – Microsoft MVP in ASP.NET who is known by his numerous publications on the reputable developers web sites, like www.aspnettoday, www.devx.com, www.aspalliance.com and many others. “Entity Framework Tutorial” is written in plain English and the book is generally not very long, just 228 pages, but is is enough to get started with the Entity Framework. The book covers the essential topic including the following:

  • The Entity Framework Architecture
  • Mapping
  • Working with Stored Procedures

Ways of querying for data

  • Entity SQL

Object Service Layer and CRUD operations Finally, there is an example of building an ASP.NET application with the Entity Framework It also gives an introduction to ADO.NET Data Services

This is a good book in general, although it doesn’t provide the in-depth review of Entity Framework that you can still find on MSDN, instead “Entity Framework Tutorial” enables you to try and realize the power of the Entity Framework. You can buy the book on the official web site of Packt Publishing.

Mike Borozdin (Twitter)
25 December 2008

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