Free Reference Cards on Development Topics or Another Reason to Love DZone

I have already said that I love DZone, but I want to say more - I was really happy to discover another lovely feature of DZone - Refcardz. Refcardz are basically reference cards on development topics available to download for free for DZone members, if you are not a DZone member, then you can register for free. The reference card are in PDF and ready to be printed. They must be kept near your desk because if you need a quick reference, Refcardz will always help you. I believe the Refcardz on jQuery Selectors and Windows PowerShell will be useful for many people. The current Refcardz are mostly on Java, RIA and AJAX, as well as on the general programming principles. General programming principles:



Windows PowerShell:


They are planning to publish more refcardz, you can subscribe to get notified.

Mike Borozdin (Twitter)
7 August 2008

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