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Dzone Instead Of Digg

If you have a blog, then you want to promote it. It doesn’t matter whether you are motivated by money or by recognition.  It you release your writings to public, then you want people to read them. Nowadays one of the most popular promotion techniques is sending links to social bookmarking web sites. The most popular social bookmarking web site is Digg.com. But does Digg work perfectly for every blog? I mean, can you promote every blog with Digg?

The answer is no. Some blog posts can never reach the front page of Digg, not because they are bad, but because they don’t fit Digg, they don’t fit their audience. However, these posts can do well on Dzone. Dzone is real paradise for developers. If you have an excellent post on programming, then submit it to Dzone, you won’t get dissapointed. It was created by developers and for developers. I really love it. There are really interesting articles. The article describing some features of ASP.NET and PHP can hardly bring traffic from Digg, but they will bring you a lot of traffic, if you submit it to Dzone.

Am I obsessed about Dzone? May be ;-)! I didn’t always do well with it, but I was really happy to discover this web site, when someone submitted my store there.

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Posted on Thursday, July 24, 2008
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